DMS LLC Company Information


DMS LLC is a certified veteran owned small business (VOSB) formed to offer flight simulation rentals and COTS products at a substantial savings to private individuals, corporations and the US government. DMS LLC was formed to address the problem of long subcontractor manufacturing and government procurement times for high-end flight simulation equipment.  DMS LLC has now added many new COTS product lines form our Nation’s best vendors and can quickly fulfil many government purchasing needs and VOSB set-aside requirements.

Paul Miller

About Our Founders: Paul Miller COO

Paul Miller, a North Texas resident with 25 years aerospace and simulation experience and Hal Bryman, a retired Sherman Oaks California attorney with an Aeronautical Engineering degree, formed DMS LLC in an effort to offer alternative cost effective training and simulation systems to the US military.

Mr. Miller pioneered the development of novel cost effective training
devices for the United States Navy Chief of Naval Education & Training (CNET) during the 1990’s. Mr. Miller has designed, managed and marketed several revolutionary simulation systems including: 

  • US Army AH-64 Long Bow simulator. (Flight School XXI)
  • US Navy FA-18E Super Hornet “Micro” simulator training program.
  • US Air Force F-16 Block 60 mission rehearsal trainer.
  • US Navy T-34, T-44, T-45 TH-57 Rapidly Transferable Cockpit.
  • Joint Services Predator UAV flight training device.
  • US Army Comanche RH-66 flight training system.

Hal Bryman

Hal Bryman CEO

Mr. Bryman is a current resident of Sherman Oaks California.
Mr. Bryman, holds a BS degree in Aeronautical Engineering from
Wayne State University and a JD degree from UCLA Law School.
He worked as an engineer for 7 years followed by a 30-year career as a lawyer.
Mr. Bryman holds a patent for a “unique configuration of flight”
and designed a mechanism to aid in determining vulnerability
of various Russian aircraft. 

The Rest Of Our Staff

Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller has been here from here from the start. She is a simulator technician and builder that has helped build every simulator DMS LLC has produced. She runs the simulator demos, and works the crowd at rentals, helping guests in and out of the simulators. Lynn gives people waiting in line, tips and tricks to get higher scores when it is their turn to fly!

Tex & Chris Link

Tex and Chris Link

Our West Coast crew. Our two newest members of DMS LLC. Chris Link is an expert demo operator, sim technician and builder. Tex is 20 year plus retired Air force. Their professionalism and aviation knowledge insure that your first flight in one of our flight simulators will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience!

Earl Tubbs

Earl Tubbs

Earl, is one of our longest serving employees. An expert sim technician, builder, and demo operator. If you are lucky enough to get a demo flight under his instruction, you are in good standing for high score!

Rita&Phillip Clark

Rita & Phillip Clark

A husband and wife powerhouse team at rentals. The first event they worked for us, we got dozens of complements on their friendliness and performance running our F-16 flight simulator. Phillip is an expert simulator technician, operator and builder. Rita helps people get in and out of the simulators, and offers tips and tricks to people waiting in line.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan has also been with us since our start. He flew and landed his first real airplane at age 12, and has been flying flight simulators all his life. Mr. Johnson is a simulator operator and builder, and is especially good with younger adults and children at rentals.

Chris Woodul

Chris (Pictured on right) is a master cockpit restoration expert, master ejection seat restoration expert, simulator operator, expert simulator builder and all things aviation expert. We have a 20-year history working with Mr. Woodul, and our pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with his new Aerospace Escapes Museum and all their team members to continue to offer their incredible cockpits and ejection seats in our rental line up.

David Rosado

David is our P3D software programmer. Mr. Rosado has over 20 years aerospace experience, and is a master programmer, capable of rendering any custom scenery P3D project, no mater how big or small. For our rentals that want their airport and surrounding scenery updated from the standard default scenery, David is capable of rendering photo realistic images of proper hangar placement to match your current FBO’s configuration, down to the expansion cracks in the tarmac. Check out his P3D programming services here:

Hidden Heroes

Phillip Patterson (Pictured on right),  Beau Williamson, Capt. Stu Myers, Roger Johnson, Bob Phillips and the rest of the current/retired airline pilots, military pilots, active/retired service men and IT/Gaming Industry experts that make up our temporary staff members are too numerous to list here. For ultra-low overhead, DMS LLC has a large number of industry experts ready to be hired per job requirements, so high yearly salaries deserving of their skills, are not passed on to the customer.

Jim Mumaw

Mr. Mumaw is a seasoned freelance aviation photographer, and is the source for all the incredible F-16 photography featured on our website. Jim has a knack for being in the right place at the right time, to capture some of the most stunning aviation images imaginable. Check out and like his aviation pics on his Facebook page here:


In 2010 a partnership agreement was formed, with the goal of producing a prototype, that would combine the best of Commercial Off The Shelf  (COTS) systems currently available, and integrate them into a highly deployable complete simulation system, at a substantial cost savings to the US tax payer. By utilizing nation wide rentals to prove the deployability and durability of the completed flight simulator, DMS LLC has completed the research and development stage of the business plan. Now the focus shifts to building COTS systems for immediate delivery, reducing the burden and cost normally involved in the time consuming procurement of current flight simulation systems in use today.  

In 2016 DMS LLC completed all necessary SAM, Small Business Certification, Veteran Owned Business Certification and received its encryption certificate for By becoming an active certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) vendor, DMS LLC has expanded its government sales opportunities to include many new product lines of the highest quality products. DMS LLC now provides fire arms simulators, office equipment, computers, medical equipment, food service equipment and many other products from the best companies that manufacture their products here in the USA.  

DMS LLC's goal is to provide the highest quality products and services, at the best price. By providing low markup bids on government contracts for COTS products or proving that highly portable, easily deployable and relatively inexpensive flight simulators have a high-value to the future requirements of military pilot training, our company goal is the same: 

Offer the best products at a substantial cost savings to the US tax payer.