Flight Simulator Rentals

Don’t Be Fooled by Companies Claiming to Have “Real Flight Simulators”. If It Doesn’t Look Like Our Flight Simulators, It’s Just a Video Game

F-16 Flight Simulator Rental


Our military flight simulators are just that, real retired military flight simulators, restored to current military standards. Our QuickPit flight simulators are manufactured to current military standards, and can simulate any civilian private, commercial or military aircraft, at any airport in the world.  When only the best will do, DMS LLC is the only company with this level of flight simulators. 

F-16 Flight Simulators

F-16 Flight Simulator Rental

We can bring multiple F-16 flight simulators to your next event. No other company can deliver multiple units of this caliber of equipment to your location. Our simulators are real military training simulators, once only available to enlisted military personnel.

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QuickPit Flight Simulators

QuickPit Flight Simulator Rental

We can bring multiple QuickPit flight simulators to your next event. No other company can deliver multiple units of this caliber of equipment to your location. The QuickPit can simulate any aircraft at any airport in world using the latest satellite based military software.

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Private Rentals

Private Flight Simulator Rental

Make your next party or gathering one your family & friends will never forget, with one of DMS LLC's flight simulators. We have birthday, retirement and reunion special packages.

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Corporate Rentals

Corporate Flight Simulator Rental

Looking for something unique and different for your next corporate event? DMS LLC can turn team building, retreats and holiday parties into once-in-a-life-time events.

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Trade Show Rentals

Flight Simulator Trade Show Rental

Need to stand out at your next trade show? Want more traffic at your booth? Be the talk of the trade show floor by being the first to book our simulators for your next show.

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International Rentals

International Flight Simulator Rental

Need exciting interactive flight simulator exhibits for your next international event? DMS LLC has the products and experience to reduce both your risk and stress. 

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VIP and Celebrity Rentals

Only DMS LLC can offer VIP and celebrity clients discrete, highly specialized, custom high-end flight simulator rental solutions, in the privacy and security of their own homes.

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In House Rentals

F-16 Flight Simulator

Attention DFW Metroplex/North Texas aviation and flight simulator enthusiasts. Now you and your friends located in the DFW area can come to us! Located just a short drive Northwest of Fort Worth, Texas.

Private Rentals

Flight Simulator Party Rental

Makes a Great Birthday Party Idea

Ever dreamed of being a fighter pilot? Now you, your family and friends of all ages can experience the thrills of piloting various military and other aircraft in the privacy of your own home or other location of your choice. No prior pilot experience necessary!

Prices for just the simulators only to attend your event are listed below, or we can provide complete Top Gun or Fighter Pilot themed party packages, to match your budget, number of attendees, and age of your guests. Makes a Great Surprise Birthday Party Idea!

Private Party Flight Simulator Rental

Fun For All Ages!

If your child is at least 4 foot tall, knows their left from their right, and has the strength to operate the limited displacement side stick controller, they are old enough to fly! Younger children can sit in the cockpit and have their picture taken, or sit in the lap of their parent. Seasoned aces love our simulators for retirement parties and reunions. Everybody Loves Flight Simulators!

Retirement Party Flight Simulator Rental

A Truly Unique Party Experience

Impress your friends with a unique and exciting party idea. Adding a flight simulator to your next event is a fresh, new and novel party idea. We have attended weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, surprise birthday parties, retirement parties, family get-togethers, family reunions, house warming parties, engagement parties, Christmas parties and more. You name it, we can make it extra special with a exhilarating interactive flight simulator to set you apart from what the Jones's did last week, down the street. 

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Corporate Rentals

Company Dinner Flight Simulator Rental

Make Your Next Corporate Event Unforgeable!

Are you in charge of making your company's event this year, even better, more exciting and have very little time to pull it off? DMS LLC can make your annual party, team building, retreat, banquet, dinner or holiday party a unique, exciting interactive experience, your coworkers will be talking about for long after the event. High Score shoot outs can put the mail room clerk against the CEO in a fast-paced air combat competition for prizes and top bragging rights for Top Gun of the event.

Corporate Event Flight Simulator Rental

And Now For Something Completely Different

Are you looking for something different this year for your next corporate event? Want your employees and/or guests to be talking about how much fun they had all year long after this year’s event? Add one of our unique and exclusive military flight simulators with the prize pack option. Your guests will compete for prizes and bragging rights for high score (Top Gun) at your event. 

See Local Landmarks or Spot Your Location

Don’t want the fast-paced air combat action of one of our military simulators? With the QuickPit flight simulator rental option, you can take off from a local airport, and fly around your local city, spotting familiar landmarks. You might even spot the location you are currently flying the simulator at in the satellite based software. Practice common aerobatic stunts along the way to your landing attempt at the local airport.

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Trade Show Rentals

Flight Simulator Trade Show Rental

Increase Both Visibility and Sales at Your Company's Next Trade Show.

DMS LLC offers complete trade show packages including express transportation, setup/teardown, and 2 friendly professional attendants to run the simulator for one low price.  Our flight simulator systems are real people magnets!  Thunderous sound and large screens insure that your booth or floor space, will be the talk of the show. 

Generate Excitement at Your Booth

Having a interactive exhibit at your booth is guaranteed to increase foot traffic at your next trade show. Having a fully interactive military grade flight simulator at your booth, is how you quickly become talk of the trade show floor and/or the entire event. At military trade shows, manufacturers usually do not let the general public fly this caliber of equipment, and have real pilots fly demos for the crowd. Once word gets out about free simulator rides at your booth, people will literally run to your location for a chance to fly it.

Flight Simulator Rental

We Take the Stress Out of Last Minute Solutions

Last minute availability problems with your main exhibit or attraction for your booth? Or have you just found out the booth next to you has a better setup than yours? DMS LLC can be at any continental US location within 48 hours of booking the event. Our portion of the booth exhibit is completely self-contained. We provide the transport, the staff to run the simulators, and all the behind the scenes services needed at the venue to make this portion of your trade show stress free. Book it and forget until show start.

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International Rentals

International Flight Simulator Rentals

Choosing A Partner You Can Trust

When dealing with international events, you need a trusted partner, that has the experience and knowledge in flight simulator rentals to take care of all the details of the complex bonds and customs issues pertaining to military grade flight simulators. DMS LLC also has flight simulators that require no ITAR bonding, will run on the local power sources, very easy to transport and will fly through customs. DMS LLC takes the risk and stress out of international rental events utilizing flight simulators. 

Flight Simulators for International Rentals

Non ITAR Controlled Simulators

DMS LLC is proud to announce the QuickPit flight simulator for international rentals. The QuickPit does not need special bonding to comply with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The QuickPits can be easily shipped via normal airfreight, have low insurance values, and can be setup almost anywhere.  The QuickPit can run on most local power sources, or generators can travel with the simulators to ensure 100% compatibility.

International Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

When Only The Best Will Do

If your company is attending a high-end foreign tradeshow, and you need the very best simulator for your exhibit, time permitting DMS LLC can obtain all the necessary bonding and ITAR clearances to get our top of the line equipment to your event. We take care of the complex paper work, so you can concentrate on the other aspects of the event. One-up the major aircraft manufacturers, with same-as or better equipment, and stand out by letting the public interact and fly the simulator only at your booth! Usually theirs is roped off from the public.

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VIP and Celebrity Rentals

VIP Flight Simulator Rentals

Live News Feeds, In-Studio Taped Segments…Been There Done That

In front or behind the camera, DMS LLC has the experience and discretion for VIP and celebrity rentals. Whether it is a reality TV show, or you want the most over the top one of a kind custom party item, leave your guests in envy with our exclusive military flight simulators. Atherton, Beverly Hills, Boca Raton, Manhattan, Scarsdale, The Hamptons, or even on your luxury yacht, enjoy the simulators in the privacy and security of your own property. Ultra-fast setup and tear down times for your added convenience, security and discretion.

Celebrity Flight Simulator Rentals

Perfect Etiquette Around Celebrities and VIPs

When we go onsite to a celebrity, superstar or VIP, our staff is trained and has the past experience to act accordingly. While we are humble and appreciative for the opportunity to supply our services, our staff is not star struck, or looking for autographs. We are there to perform a job, and offer the client and their guests the best unique, exclusive interactive thrilling experience they have ever seen. 

VIP Flight Simulator Party Rentals

Mum's The Word

From the likes of the late great Paul Neuman to current TV, movie, sports and racing super stars, if you do not want publicity of your event, our ultra-fast setup/tear down times insures your discretion, and gets us in and out and past the paparazzi  fast. We do not publish VIP party pictures unless you want us to with your written consent. We never ask, and it is up to you to suggest. At DMS LLC, we respect your privacy, and can also work with media crews if you are wanting publicity for your event.

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Flight Simulator Rental FAQs

F-16 Flight Simulator Cockpit

Flight Simulator Rental FAQs

Our job at DMS LLC is to make your flight simulator rental experience easy and stress-free. In our 25 years' experience of performing small private to large corporate flight simulator rentals, we have been asked just about every question imagined. Here is a list of FAQ's to help you educate yourself on flight simulator rentals. Even if you do not rent from us, these will help you ask the right questions to make sure you get the right equipment, and are not surprised by competitor's hidden fees and charges.

Rental FAQs

About Our Rentals

Turn-key Pricing

F-16 Flight Simulator

All DMS LLC quotations provide all necessary equipment, personnel, transportation, and relating expenses for the simulator(s) to attend your event. This all-inclusive or “turn-key pricing” approach ensures that no surprise or additional charges will be incurred for the successful completion of the simulator portion of your planned event. Additional options with pricing are offered, and the details are discussed in our requested price quotes.   

DMS LLC offers the following base rental services for one low price:   · 

  • All transportation expenses for transport of the simulator(s) to and from the event. · 
  • Simulator(s) onsite and operated for the number of hours purchased per day. Additional hours can be purchased. · 
  • Two simulator techs onsite to operate the simulator. One acts as the instructor for all flights. · One prepares the crowd for the experience with helpful hints and instructions. · 
  • One-on-one personal instruction on flying, shooting down enemy aircraft, and delivering air to air weapons for each participant.  
  • Flight Cycles Per Hour: Four (4) people per hour per simulator based on Fifteen (15) minute flying experience. 
  • Flight Cycles Per Hour: Six (6) people per hour per simulator based on ten (10) minute flying experience. 
  • Or twelve (12) people per hour per simulator based on a five (5) minute flying experience.  · 
  • The interactive and exhilarating fast paced action of piloting the legendary Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon, the all new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, or any other aircraft.   

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The Flight Simulator Experience

F-16 Flight Simulator

Each flight in one of our simulators consists of one of the following experiences:   

  • The Air Combat Experience (F-16 Fighting Falcon Simulator) 

  1. Welcoming each pilot and instructions on getting in and out of the simulator. 
  2. Pilot then puts on communication headset, and instructor performs communications check. 
  3. Quick discussion on the pilot’s previous flight, flight simulator or video game experience. 
  4. Cockpit familiarization and pointing out which buttons and functions will be used for the flight. 
  5. “Crash course” on how to fly and control the F-16 with the limited displacement side stick controller. 
  6. Simulator is paused in flight and a brief instruction on the basic use of the HUD display. 
  7. Pilot is given control of the simulator and instructed on shooting down the enemy aircraft. 
  8. Pilot is coached on controlling the aircraft and high-g maneuvering to acquire additional targets.     

  • The Discovery Flight Around Local Area Experience (QuickPit Simulator)   

  1. Same as 1-4 above with the air combat replaced by taking off from local Airport. 
  2. Navigating around landmarks, learning/performing stunts, and positioning of the aircraft for final approach and landing. 
  3. Attempt to land at local Airport.      

Physical Specifications

Tom Cruise in F-16 Flight Simulator

F-16 Simulator Dimensions:

                 Imperial         Metric 

Length:      120 “             3.04 m 

Width:        78”                1.98 m 

Height:      75"                1.90 m 

Weight:      700 lbs.         317.5 kg   

Booth or Setup Area Minimum Requirements:  

                 Imperial          Metric 

Length:     10’                  3.048 m 

Width:       10’                  3.048 m 

Height:      8’                    2.438 m  

QuickPit Simulator Dimensions:

                Imperial            Metric 

Length:     48 “                  1.21 m 

Width:       48”                   1.21 m 

Height:      48"                   1.21 m 

Weight:      285 lbs.           127 kg 

Booth or Setup Area Minimum Requirements:   

                  Imperial            Metric 

Length:      8’                      2.438 m 

Width:        8’                      2.438 m 

Height:       8’                      2.438 m  

About Our Photo Pits

The MiG Master Exhibit, provided by Class A Exhibits

Mig-21 Cockpit

This Smithsonian grade exhibit features three primary themes, featuring  a 23ft long Polish Air Force MiG-21 two seat cockpit and other Cold War artifacts including:


  • Top Gun: Training U.S.  pilots to fight the MiG.
  • From Enemy to Friend: How the Cold War ended and an enemy jet fighter flew for freedom.
  • MiG-21 pilot goes to space: The story of Cosmonaut Mirosław Hermaszewski. 

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A-10 Photo Pit

A-10 Photo Pit Party Rental

Have your guests climb into a museum quality cockpit section and have their picture taken, to be shared over social media. If you opt for the flight suits and helmets, it makes for great pictures. Add a fresh unique twist to your next aviation or Top Gun themed event. 

F-15 Photo Pit

F-15 Photo Pit Party Rental

Have your guests climb into a museum quality cockpit section and have their picture taken, to be shared over social media. This real aircraft cockpit section is very large! Add that extra WOW factor to the “curb appeal” for private rentals, or dominate the trade show floor for large booths for corporate rentals.

About Our Flight Simulator Rental Options

Real Museum Quality Ejection Seats for Display

Ejection Seats Rental

Complete your aviation theme by adding some of our flight simulator rental options. We have real, completely restored ejection seats for display. These museum quality seats range from current military aircraft to rare, historic models.

Options Prices

Flight Helmets

Flight Helmet Rental

We bring 3 sizes (S, M and L) of helmets for your guests to wear during their flight, and for pictures they can share over social media. Also included in this option, are disposable helmet booties for hygiene.  A great option for your guests to feel like a real fighter pilot during their flight simulator experience.

Tom Cruise Impersonator

Flight Simulator Rental Option Tom Cruise Impersonator

The final icing on the cake for any Top Gun or aviation themed party! He works the crowd at events and if you have a photo backdrop, can pose with your guests in front of your signage and branding. Have your picture taken with Maverick to send to your friends on social media. Watch his trailer here: https://vimeo.com/233406606

Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman Never Fly Solo Keynote

Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman Your Wingman keynote speech

NY Times Top 10 bestselling author & Wall Street Journal national award winning motivational keynote speaker Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman Your Wingman keynote speech. Waldo’s Mission is to help you and your team commit to excellence, prepare for change and engage to win. Even if you do not use our services you can book him directly here: https://yourwingman.com/

Don’t See What You Need?

Military Aircraft Rental

With over 25 years’ experience in the simulation industry, we know just about everyone in this very small world. We have partnered with the best vendors and museums around the US, and can get you what you need. Time and budget permitting, we can also custom build anything you can dream of.

Flight Simulator Rental Price List

For businesses, trade show packages and international rental rates, please call one of our friendly sales associates for current pricing, our latest discounts/promotions, and a detailed price quote.

Rental Options Price List

DMS LLC can provide many other custom options. We are limited only by your budget and the space requirements.



For all business rentals, or private rentals requiring multi day minimums, or if you wish to add options, please call one of our friendly operators to see if you qualify for discounts, or use our online Rental RFQ form below, instead of using our online ordering system.

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