Business Investment Opportunity for B-52 CERP Program

Business Investment Opportunity for B-52 Commercial Engine Replacement Program (CERP)

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The Air Force is in its early stages of taking steps in upgrading the B-52 engines with commercially available engines on their entire fleet which will also include significant redesign of the struts and nacelles along with the digital instrument upgrade of the instrumentation panel. 


The Air Force has designated Boeing as sole source integrator for the B-52 CERP, engine primes GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce are already assembling designs teams in preparation to bid on the 30-year contract. Other sub entities such as Northrop Grumman, L3 Technologies, Honeywell, Safran USA have joined the competition with many entities to follow soon.

We are offering for lease or purchase our B-52 flight simulator which was originally built by Boeing during the 70's during the Air Force B-52G simulator bidding process. 

With new engines, the life cycle of the B-52 will extend beyond 2050. This provides an excellent opportunity for use of our B-52 cockpit as a unique mobile platform for technological development and demonstration of the new flight controls and instrumentation along with any additional environmental controls deemed necessary by the Air Force. 

Our B-52 cockpit will provide tremendous advantage for your design team giving them full access for integration and re-design including innovations in flight control systems and monitoring of individual engine performance during start up and flight.

Available for lease or purchase outright $550,000

The day you have dreamed about all your life, has finally arrived.

Now you can own your very own full-scale F-16! 

Yes, this is for real, but a life-size F-16 is only affordable to our most upscale clients.

As seen in Hollywood classics as: The Iron Eagle movies and the blockbuster hit Independence Day, this full-scale F-16 mockup has functioning canopy and working exterior lighting.

Own a piece of movie history, and the world’s coolest yard decoration!

Prices start at $120,000 for 7-day or less delivery and assembly at your location in the continental US. 

Other movie classics available:

  1. F-18 $55k plus delivery.
  2. F-15 $55k, plus delivery
  3. Harrier $20K plus delivery


DMS LLC Flight Simulator Sales

Flight Simulator Sales

Flight Simulator Sales

DMS LLC is the leader in flight simulator sales. DMS LLC currently has flight simulators in stock ready for immediate delivery.  No more long production times, no more costly delays. DMS LLC has simplified the procurement process for complex complete simulation systems into a one-line item Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) purchase. No other simulation company can deliver faster, or offer the substantial cost savings that DMS LLC can provide.

COTS One Line Item Published Purchase Pricing: 

F-16 BLK 52+ Highly Deployable Simulator (HDS) with 3 channel HD intergraded Out The Window (OTW) visual system:     

In Stock: $30,000.00 OBO

QuickPit base-level Flight Simulator with six channel HD integrated display system base system with Prepare3D full license 

In Stock: $25,000.00

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Flight Simulator Parts Sales

Flight Simulator Parts Sales

Are you building your own home simulator? Can't afford one of our complete flight simulator systems? We have the hard to find parts to complete your own flight simulator projects. We have QuickPit kits that let you buy just the structure, and allow you to finish with your own electronics and accessories. With 25 years of collecting flight simulator parts, we have contacts all around the US, and can find just about any cockpit part you may need. Due to ITAR rules, real parts sales are for US customers only. 

QuickPit flight simulator kits and complete systems ships worldwide.

QuickPit Non-Painted Kit:         $5,500.00

QuickPit Painted Kit:                 $6,500.00

QuickPit Powdered Coated Kit:   $7,500.00

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Government Sales

GSA Sales

DMS LLC is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) with current registration in the SAM system. DMS LLC can fulfill many government procument requirements that correspond to our registered NAICS codes. We are your go to source for VOSB set asides. Fast RFP, and RFQ turnaround times, and competitive prices for the highest quality products. DMS LLC is capable of fulfilling government contracts and VOSB set asides for our corresponding NAICS codes: 

  • 333318 Flight Simulation 
  • 334119 Peripherals 
  • 423420 Office Equipment 
  • 423430 Computers & Per.
  • 423450 Medical Supplies 
  • 423610 Electrical Equipment
  • 443142 Electronics Store 
  • 611512 Flight Training Aids

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Flight Simulator Sales

F-16 Flight Simulator

F-16 and QuickPit Flight Simulators

DMS LLC has flight simulators in stock ready to ship. No long wait times, or deposits and waiting lists required. Express delivery, installation and training is available as an option. On our larger Mil-Spec units, delivery is to the continental US locations only. 

F-16 Block 52+ Flight Simulator

F-16 Flight Simulator

Our F-16 flight simulators represent the top of the line flight simulator for consumer, corporate or government purchase. Our competitors sell these units exclusively to military customers for millions of dollars for each unit. We have pre-built units for immediate shipping, or can custom build a solution that fits your budget. Our team is known for the fastest delivery times in the industry, since 1995.

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QuickPit Flight Simulator

QuickPit Flight Simulator

Our QuickPit flight simulators represent the most economical and versatile flight simulator, in the smallest foot print available on the market today. A single powerhouse Intel I-7 based PC with the latest multi-card NVidia graphics drive this six-screen simulator. Unprecedented situational awareness, and the ability to simulate any aircraft, in any weather condition, at any airport in the world. Non-export controlled. Ships worldwide.

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Flight Simulator Parts Sales

Flight Simulator Parts Sales

Individual Flight Simulator Parts

Are you a home cockpit or flight sim builder looking for that final hard to find piece to finish your masterpiece? Are you new to sim building, and do not know were to start? Our cofounder helped invent the private flight sim market over 25 years ago, and has the parts and knowledge you need to get it right the first time. 

QuickPit Flight Simulator Kit

QuickPit Unassembled Kits

If you want to build your own cockpit, but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money, the QuickPit kit is the simulator for you! Can be purchased in unfinished (If you want to paint it yourself), or painted, or powder coated finishes. Can be assembled in one day, and is only 4’ X 4’ when assembled. Add your own electronics, low cost seat, or buy our optional ACES II for that fighter jet look.

QuickPit Flight Simulator Frame

QuickPit Assembled Simulator Shells

Still looking to save money, but don't want to build your own? Purchase one of our pre-assembled QuickPit flight simulators, and add your own already purchased electronics. Make the move from a desktop to a cockpit, and still have ease of access, due to the roll out ACES II ejection seat design.

Government Sales


Your Go to For VOSB Set-Aside Purchase Contracts

DMS LLC is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) in good standing and with current registration in the SAM & FedBizOpps systems. 24-hr. turn-arounds on most RFQs and RFPs. DMS LLC resale's only the best products at the best prices. Our goal is to save the US tax payer on every government purchase.


Experts in Training, Simulation and Training Aids

Here at DMS LLC, we can supply more than just flight simulators. Firearms trainers, non-kinetic shooting simulators, patient simulators, cut-away training aids, or customized training solutions. If you are a government buyer looking for training aids, we have partnered with the best supplier’s in the industry. Our VOSB rating allows you to buy the products you need, when you can not go direct to the source.

Save Time and Money with an 8-Year Old VOSB Established Government Supplier

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NAICS: 333319, 611512 and others.

GSA: Source 874, Category 874 9 & C874 9

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