Business Investment Opportunity for B-52 CERP Program

Business Investment Opportunity for B-52 Commercial Engine Replacement Program (CERP)

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The Air Force is in its early stages of taking steps in upgrading the B-52 engines with commercially available engines on their entire fleet which will also include significant redesign of the struts and nacelles along with the digital instrument upgrade of the instrumentation panel. 


The Air Force has designated Boeing as sole source integrator for the B-52 CERP, engine primes GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce are already assembling designs teams in preparation to bid on the 30-year contract. Other sub entities such as Northrop Grumman, L3 Technologies, Honeywell, Safran USA have joined the competition with many entities to follow soon.

We are offering for lease or purchase our B-52 flight simulator which was originally built by Boeing during the 70's during the Air Force B-52G simulator bidding process. 

With new engines, the life cycle of the B-52 will extend beyond 2050. This provides an excellent opportunity for use of our B-52 cockpit as a unique mobile platform for technological development and demonstration of the new flight controls and instrumentation along with any additional environmental controls deemed necessary by the Air Force. 

Our B-52 cockpit will provide tremendous advantage for your design team giving them full access for integration and re-design including innovations in flight control systems and monitoring of individual engine performance during start up and flight.

Available for lease or purchase outright $550,000

The day you have dreamed about all your life, has finally arrived.

Now you can own your very own full-scale F-16! 

Yes, this is for real, but a life-size F-16 is only affordable to our most upscale clients.

As seen in Hollywood classics as: The Iron Eagle movies and the blockbuster hit Independence Day, this full-scale F-16 mockup has functioning canopy and working exterior lighting.

Own a piece of movie history, and the world’s coolest yard decoration!

Prices start at $120,000 for 7-day or less delivery and assembly at your location in the continental US. 

Other movie classics available:

  1. F-18 $55k plus delivery.
  2. F-15 $55k, plus delivery
  3. Harrier $20K plus delivery